Spyderco C91SBK Pacific Salt Knife

Spyderco C91SBK Pacific Salt Knife
Spyderco C91SBK Pacific Salt Knife Detail

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Spyderco C91SBK Pacific Salt Knife Description

A commonly known rule of cutlery is that the less susceptible a blade is to rust, the less likely it is to be able to hold an edge over time. Thanks to a forward-thinking Japanese steel foundry, however, that’s no longer the case. Myodo Foundry recently introduced a new steel called H1, a PH (precipitation-hardened) steel utilizing 0.1% nitrogen, rather than carbon, to harden the steel. This approach results in an impressive Rockwell hardness rating of 57-58rc, which is why innovative cu…

The Pacific Salt is made of H1 steel, a PH steel, meaning it is a precipitation hardened steel. The blade has the trademark SpyderEdge. All internal steel parts are treated as well making them impervious to rust and pitting and salt. The blade’s hole is enlarged to 14mm for easier opening/closing with gloved, wet or cold hands. It’s black FRN handle is textured in checkerboard pattern. The lanyard hole offers a method of attachment.

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Spyderco C91SBK Pacific Salt Knife

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